About Snowdog
Interior of Snowdog ice cream truckSnowdog has evolved into my dream of dreams - bringing smiles to the faces of kids and adults everywhere!  I'm committed to making the world a better place - one party at a time. I'm also dedicated to making Snowdog as 'green' as possible. No electricity or fumes with Snowdog. The truck is outfitted with a solar panel/hybrid controller, low-watt LED's, and wind-powered, cold-plate freezer. I recycle all my cardboard boxes.  The truck is a constant work-in-progress and with the electrical & mechanical know-how of my husband, we are truly enjoying the labor of our 'sustainable' love.
Ice Cream: Snowdog carries over 40 kinds of premium ice cream including Klondike, Bluebell(not currently), BlueBunny, Popsicle, Breyer's, Jolly Llama, Austin's Organic Good Pops, Carbsmart, Fat Cat Creamery local cups, 7 cartoon faces, & more!  I carry everything from Dreamsicles to Push-pops, Bombsticks, & Bombpops. It all stays pristine in my sub-below 0 freezer that doesn't require electricity. Ask me for the current SELECTIONS LIST.  If I don't have what you want, I'll find it!  Snowdog can carry up to 1200 ice creams!
Night time with SnowdogSnowdog has been in both Glow-O-Rama events that the Art Car Parade folks organized with the city in 2010 and 2011.  The highlight of my Snowdog life so far was hearing a massive crowd chant "I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!"  Too cool!  Ice cream has an exquisite way of socially energizing folks and breaking the ice for younger folks. And Snowdog has a way of bringing the nostalgia back, and in full-on Technicolor!
Office hours begin at 10am but Snowdog will come to your party anytime!
Payment Terms: 
Deposits may be necessary if there are multiple clients wanting the same time. Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, or check by mail are options. Balance to be paid immediately following the event. Checks are preferred, but I will accept Visa/MC. Net 30 for corporate accounts with approval.
History of Snowdog
Snowdog happened when I whimsically bought the truck in 2009, pre-food truck phenomenon.  It was just a shell.  Four days later I found out I would be a mother. For safety reasons, my husband decided to "light the truck up".  And a dear friend, known as Cowboy, came to the help make this truck fit for a new mom. I ended up bringing my truck to my friend's (affectionately known as Janee Nee) son's 1st birthday at the Last Organic Outpost.  Of course I naturally put him in the truck with me and the rest is history. My old pal Miles (RIP), the original Snowdog, was there of course. It just didn't seem right to have an old circus tiger on my Carousel truck and not him; The name Snowdog was born sometime then. Since then, a hundred ideas have turned into a reality, and I'm always looking to make events more memorably FUN!
Bubble fun at a festivalTestimonials(More recent reviews atYELP. I have a 5-star rating)

  • Beatriz R. - 2013 Snowdog saved my party!! If anything, I should have booked her earlier and had her stay later! We were reaching that point that something needed to happen and then came the music around the corner...it was perfect. Kids ran to the truck and it was all up-hill after that. She was very interactive with the kids and had PLENTY for them to do. It was my girls' most memorable birthday thus far!
  • Melissa B.– 2012 Shannon and Snowdog are fantastic. We have hired them on multiple occasions for parties. Our customers and clients have loved it. Snowdog is always the talk of the parties. The truck is fantastic and an added bonus for us (it's like having our own special animated decorations). If you have the opportunity to have Snowdog at any type party - I would definitely take advantage and book them. They are GREAT!!!!
  • Traci – 2012 Snowdog ice cream truck helped execute a corporate program where we delivered ice cream to all of our tenants and their employees. The program was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without the Snowdog. Shannon Holliday, the owner, was very friendly, professional and played a huge part in making this 5 day program operate smoothly. We will definitely continue to use the Snowdog on an annual basis for our tenant appreciation programs and any other opportunities that may arise! Thank you Snowdog!!
  • Julie K. - 2011 - Yesterday was awesome. Thank you so much. Sophie and her friends had a great time. She talked about it all evening. We listened to the CD on our way to school this morning and she was smiling ear to ear! She was so proud. What a great thing you are doing to allow kids to be kids. Thank you again.
  • Amy L.  - 2011 Snowdog made my twin daughters 6th bday party!  She rolled up at dusk and 10 screaming girls were in the front yard waiting for Miles and Ms. Shannon!  They wanted a puppy dog theme slumber party so what more perfect than adding this to the night!?!  It was so darling and definately an original bday party idea! No one had seen this before and even the adults loved it!  I would highly recommend this to make any event a hit!  Thank you Snowdog for making a fun memory.  My daughters STILL love the CD you made them with their OWN names in the Happy Bday song!  I dont know how you did it but it is so cute!  We might have to play it every bday!
  • Excel A. -2011  Snowdog Ice Cream is super awesome! I used Snowdog as an in school field trip for my daycare center and the kids loved it!!! Shannon was so wonderful with the children. She really got involved with the different activities and interacted with the children as well, which is so awesome! I will defiantly be using Snowdog Ice Cream in the future!!!
  • M.B. - 2011 - I've hired Snowdog for multiple parties (both business and personal) and she has NEVER failed to be anything but WONDERFUL.  At all of our events she was hired for, she has always picked up more work. You should have seen the look on the faces of these adults.  They were amazed and had so much fun picking out their childhood favorites.  I think that speaks for itself.  You can't go wrong with Snowdog, so spread the word.  Everyone you recommend to hire her will love you forever.
  • Jennifer S. - 2011 We got such an awesome treat with Snowdog Icecream!  The Carnival Party for my 4 year old was such a hit, and we had a ton of stuff going on.  But, when Snowdog Icecream pulled up, EVERYTHING stopped and EVERYONE was AMAZED!  The kids loved the ice cream, music, bubbles and snow machine.  And to top it all off, there was Miles, all dressed up  and the cutest Icecream Dog EVER!  Shannon, we thank you for such a good time for kids and adults alike!  We will always remember to include you for parties in the future!
  • Rachael W. - 2011Shannon and the Snowdog truck exceeded my expectations! BY far the best birthday party accessory ever!  Not only did the kids get unlimited ice cream, but Shannon brings an actual Snowdog, who is well-behaved and the kids loved seeing him. Plus she showed up with hula hoops, bubbles and a gift for my daughter that coordinated with our theme! My daughter got in the truck and her and her sister still talk about the Ice Cream truck! I can only imagine at night she really lights up a party! I highly recommend Snowdog for your event be it a kids event or adult?
  • Mary - 2011 - My Snowdog experience: I loved our Snowdog experience, but my 4 year old and his friends were the most thrilled!  She showed up to the birthday party on time, and delivered exactly what was promised.  She even hung out and let the kids really enjoy their time with her ice cream and bubble makers.  It was a great hit with the adults, also, as they got to re-live a wonderful childhood memory of the ice cream "woman", and Shannon had all the old school popsicles!  It was definitely a blast!  She was very courteous and professional, and patient with the kids, and was really into making it a memorable event for them.  thank you snowdog! 
  • Mona, Last Organic Outpost – 2010 We love Snowdog. Super fun, super good and super eco-friendly (ask them how)!
  • Theresa –  2010 We had frozen margaritas and gourmet tamales at my husband's 50th birthday party last Friday. But the highlight of the evening was when Shannon rolled up in the Snowdog flashing colorful lights and blaring the theme from Star Wars. It literally created an irresistible force that sucked all our guests out of our house and toward the truck. I highly recommend this affect at your next party.
  • Dg – 2010 The children AND grown ups were delighted to see this ice cream truck pull up. The adults were impressed with the selection of ice cream and the kids loved the novelty and having access to an ice cream truck! My son loved the personalized birthday song and the other children's music that followed. The bubbles were a nice touch and Shannon was as friendly as can be.
  • Frank – July 12, 2010 This ice cream truck totally rocks!!! Great music, awesome lights and exceptional service. I have had them at several of my events and we have have been extremely satisfied. Just booked them for three more dates later this month.  If you are looking for an ICE COLD good time, book 'em.
  • Julia – June 4, 2010 The kids were hanging out at the party when we heard it.........The coolest ice cream truck music in the world!!! We ran to see where it was coming from and thats when we saw Snowdog Ice Cream truck coming down our street! We were all so excited! Shannon is the coolest and nicest ice cream WO-man that you will ever meet! She dresses up in fun costumes and hands out your choice of ice cream while playing some awesome tunes! If you are lucky enough to see Snowdog at night then you will see the colorful lights blinging it up! It really was my kids favorite part of their party!
  • Samantha – June 3, 2010 Snowdog Ice Cream Truck is fantastic! Our company enjoyed talking to Shannon, listening to the more modern music coming from the truck, and most of all, the ice cream. Some of the selections took them back down memory lane of when they were young and buying ice cream from a truck. We definitely will hire them back for our next company event. Thank you SnowDog Ice Cream!
  • Laura – June 2, 2010 My family absolutely LOVES Snowdog icecream! We had the truck @ my sons birthday and it was a HUGE hit! Every time we see them out we must have some ICECREAM! The lights @ night are magical and the music is rocking...not to mention the bubbles(everyone loves) Shannon is super creative and can even offer face painting! I give Snowdog Vintage Icecream truck 2 thumbs up! YUMMY


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