• I carry organic options like Jolly Llama and Austin's Good Pops. I have diabetic options, dairy-free options, gluten-free options, Kosher options. I also carry 35 other types of premium ice cream. I keep at least 6 different cartoon faces and small ice cream sandwiches. I even have pre-packaged Sno-Cones.
  • Snowdog is vintage (1975) making the experience more like an adventure into a future-retro, time machine for the child and their friends & siblings getting in.
  • I brew my own bubble juice with the surgical-grade ingredients, which I also sell and will deliver.
  • I design a specific playlist for every event including a personalized Happy Birthday song with their name. I can make a labeled CD for them as a souvenir (I buy all my music via iTunes and Amazon). I censor everything I play.
  • Snowdog doesn't require electricity for the music, freezer, or lights. I have a solar panel and a green freezer. I'm continually innovating the experience.
  • I've dj'ed in 7 countries and in a dozen US cities so I'm in tune with teens' mutable tastes and know how to have fun! I stay on top of popular music & my Bose sound system makes it sound balanced and clear.  
  • I have a commercial film production background so I know being late isn't an option!
  • The height and shape of the serving window makes a great photo frame. I think the record number of kids is 12. My fun props, funky hats, & wigs, allow for a photo booth-type experience without the additional expense. 
  • I love KIDS! I have a 4-year-old girl so I'm hyper-aware of kids' feelings' :)
  • I started an arts and music organization for kids in East Timor (former Indonesia) and produced and starred in a children's TV show for 2 years, called BibiBulak (Crazy Goat). I know how to make kids laugh, even in another language:P
  • The truck is outfitted with LED lights, a superbright LED discoball, and a laser to turn the night-time party into a real party vibe. 

Be the first one on your block to make your child's birthday unforgettably cool! 
Parties are usually one hour+ and I have lots of fun ways to fill it! 
Parties are $325 includes tax, 20 miles, 25 ice creams, custom playlist, an assortment of circus hula hoops, giant bubbles, and quite a few tricks up my sleeve. Additional ice creams are $1.25. Additional miles are $1.50. Bubble wands & AMAZING BUBBLE MIX an additional $25/gallon and a half. If you would like to purchase my original Snowdog's Super-Bubbly Saliva for home use, let me know in advance!  I am making the giant sticks too and selling them!
sharkfinI prefer email, which is answered in the order I receive it. I try to respond within 24 hours. Please be patient. I promise it's worth it.  I have a 5-year-old and sometimes my inbox gets flooded at specific times of the year. If you have an urgent request, you can also text me. 


Please include your LOCATION, IDEAL DATE(S)/TIMES, and any information you have figured out! I can also suggest ideas to make your party easy for you and lots of fun!

Epic birthday party
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