There are many options for a wedding reception.  Snowdog works great as a photo booth for the bride and groom.  I have tons of "photo booth" props and the ice cream tasting swap is always fun. The bubbles and disco lights at night really enhance an evening reception vibe. The couple can hand out a few ice creams too, especially to mom and dad.  What a wonderfully-playful  final image of their son or daughter being a kid again! Ahh, I'm going to cry:)

Snowdog makes an excellent getaway vehicle!  It's a place to finally be alone! They'll be sitting in the window, with the wind in their faces, in this illuminated, grooving chariot of bubbly love...it will be nothing short of magical. A beautiful way to begin a couple's journey together.

Fat Cat CreamerySnowdog can also funtion simply as a catering truck with super-delicious options. In addition to to the other 20 kinds of ice cream. Snowdog carries Fat Cat Creamery cups and push-pops. They have year-round flavors like Brandy-Spiced Cream, Milk Chocolate Stout, and Mexican Vanilla. The seasonal flavors are even more fanciful. The cups are 100% compostable and very cute. Check out Fat Cat Creamery for the selections.

Ask me about a 6 ft banner or an illuminated photo of the B & G!
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