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Progress on Snowdog's interior - Blue yet to come!
Snowdog's new interior
FIRST FEST OCT 31st. A free festival with tons of fun stuff! 5pm-8pm
The Party on the Moon!
Snowdog Makes A Cameo in Twin Crow's Release "Clear & Blind"


Natural Science Museum
Snowdog Upgrades
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Natural Science Museum

Mixers & Elixirs Recap for July 16th...Next event August 12th

Snowdog had a fantastic time at the July 16th Mixers & Elixirs event. There aren't many more if its kind, so make sure you experience dancing under the dinosaurs before it's too late. The event runs every Friday night until the 3rd week of August. Please check the Houston Natural Science Museum for bands and food truck lineups. http://www.hmns.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=382&Itemid=356

Snowdog will be there again on AUGUST 12th, 7pm-10pm. Last time they asked me to stay a bit later. I think the crowd was enjoying the patio music I was playing as well as the bubbles and bubble wands. I overheard someone say there was a hula hoop competition as I walked inside. hehe. There were 3 other food trucks so there was a variety of food and short lines.  I will definitely go before August 12th so I can enjoy the event.
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