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SNOWWOLF, Our New Member to the Team, Gets Overhauled

The SnowWolf is undergoing a major engine overhaul, after discovering the head was filled with gunky antifreeze-ridden sludge. Cowboy Tommy is back again.  Yeehaw! He helped with Snowdog when we first got him, and Snowdog hasn't missed a party yet.  Jeff & Cowboy have dismantled the entire engine and gotten good news back from the shop, no cracks in the head. Yay! Other good news, Jeff found a rocker stand support in a small shop in CA without having to get the whole assembly. In the meantime, being that far into the engine, decided to replace the rings, hone the cylinder head, rebuild the carburetor, and strip and paint all the parts. Parts are two-tone orange and blue with a glitter sheen and the engine block, a beautiful silvery blue.  We really need a lexan engine cover so everyone can see it! 
Yuck, Tommy, spray him down!

Then inspect his handiwork...

Look how nice these look. Can't wait to get the head back so it can all go back in! 
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