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Pre-packaged & safe serving! 



SNOWDOG is up FOR SALE due to a spinal injury. If you want to carry on the torch or buy for your business, church, or school. I have thousands of contacts. It was great run filled with so many amazing memories over the past 15 years. Maybe I'll write a book! I'm sorry to let my usual clients down and sorry for those who never got to experience one of my parties.  If you know anyone wanting to buy a vintage, 1975 inline-6, Chevy Ice Cream truck, send them my way.  Thank you everyone!


WOOF!  I'm the first to reinvent the ice cream truck experience in Houston. 2009!

I'm Shannon and own this supercool, vintage PARTY ice cream truck SNOWDOG and together we make deliciously-memorable  experiences for kids (and sprinkling in a bit of nostalgia for adults).  I LOVE amplifying the fun with great music!  Birthdays are my specialty but everyone loves ice cream, especially when there's tons of bubbles and a custom soundtrack transporting them into the giant, bubbling, technicolor sphere-o-joy!  I try to bring something unique to each party since most of my clients have been to one of my parties before. Word of mouth is my lifeforce.

I come equipped with all the novelty favorites (35 kinds of ice cream and popsicles), the latest in bubble-making tools, and even some timeless ones like the vintage rocket hose toy that adds water FUN. 


Everything is pre-packaged, my bubble juice is naturally sanitary so the kids keep their hands clean, plus we are outside! I can make your party safe even for highest of risk kids or adults. It's up to you. I carry plenty of kosher, dairy-free, allergen-free items so don't think your child won't get to join in the experience. I go out of my way to make sure all the kids are having a good time. 


Music and parties have been the main focus of my life since college (UofH and Rice). I have taken sound systems around the US, England, and Australia and dj'ed in 8 countries. I have produced and starred in a children's tv show and made PSAs for UNICEF.  You can expect a fantastical experience with Snowdog and know that your party will rock! All my advertising is word of mouth. There's a reason why Snowdog is still around 14 years later!  I am voted one of the Top 100 Food Trucks in Houston. Please check out the slideshow hotlink to get a glimpse into my world!  Your child only turns that age once! 

Please put date, preferred time, and location/part of town for faster scheduling. 


  • Employee Appreciations

  • Birthdays for Kids, Teens, & Adults!

  • Daycares & Youth Centers

  • Summer Camps

  • Company Picnics

  • Warehouse "Cool Breaks"  & Safety Parties

  • Bat/Bar Mitzvahs

  • Wedding Receptions

  • School, Church, Synagogue Functions

  • Block Parties & Moms' Groups

  • Family Reunions

  • Art  & Shop Openings

  • Anywhere!

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