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Cool Breaks

Employees Need Fun TOO!

Nothing says we appreciate you than a supercool ice cream truck on site!

Due to this crazy hot weather, Snowdog is currently not booking daytime events. Apologies!



There's no set-up time and can fit in a normal parking spot. I carry a $1,000,000 COI. 

As a vendor in your supply chain, I practice defense in depth and keep my network secure. Checks are shredded, credit card details are never collected, I always update and patch firmware/software, run anti-virus on phone and computer, my passwords aren't susceptible to brute force/dictionary/password spray-attacks, my website is in the cloud and uses https.  I never click on links and use multi-factor authentication when possible.  I would love to be on your approved vendor list! As far as my services...It's ice cream weather now!

The bubble action, the unique playlists, and me in vintage costume and fun makeup, really transform the normal day-to-day into an unforgettable experience.  Let Snowdog create an atmosphere where employees can have fun at work and feel a little bit like a kid again.  It's a great way to bring the crew together in SAFE outdoor setting!  I wear a mask if Covid levels are up and my pre-packaged ice creams are kept in a -20 degree freezer. 

Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX (3% fee), Company Checks on Net30, Venmo, or Cash Accepted.

All bids on server-based and editable online.  

If you copy and paste the following and any other helpful information, I will 

try and respond within 24 hours.  All emails are answered in order. Office hours begin at 10am weekdays. Fri. please leave text if your event is within 2 days.

Date and Time:

# of Guests:

Event Location:


PRICES DEPEND ON LOCATION AND NUMBER OF GUESTS. PRICES START AT $275 for 50 people or less and then go up incrementally. Ice cream is itemized and discounted separately.  All ice cream, sorbets, low-carb, and popsicles cost the same (over 35 kinds).  A Selections List is available in pdf format. 

I will generate a formal estimate so include your company details if not in your signature. If you decide to proceed, you click ACCEPT on the bid. If you have any additional questions, please email me or don't hesitate to call or text. Email is the best way though since I get so many robocalls. 



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