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Prefer email but call if you'd prefer 832-848-0530

Snowdog wants kids to enjoy the ice cream truck experience and they CAN!

DUE to the Mad Max-style of weather we are having, Snowdog is only booking parties after 6:45pm. Sorry. I can't keep the ice cream cold enough!

Birthdays are my favorite event. I have an 12-year-old so I know how important birthdays are! I try to keep my parties fresh and make sure ALL kids are having a good time. I have all kinds of vintage toys and surprises to keep them entertained for the hour, usually the last hour of your party. When I leave with the truck and music, that signals the end of the party.  All I need is a typical sized parking space and I'm ready to go. No set up time at all. If you are interested in having Houston's premiere ice cream party truck, please send me an email so I can send you a booking form. It goes into more details and should answer all your questions, regarding flow of the party and payment options.  This form officially books your party. 


  • I carry organic options. I have diabetic options, dairy-free options, gluten-free options, Kosher options. Of course I carry all the stuff we had as kids: Character faces, all the Bombpops, ice cream sandwiches, fudge bars, dreamsicles, Big Dippers, and 30 other kinds, even pre-packaged Sno-Cones.

  • I design a specific playlist for every event including a personalized Happy Birthday song with their name.   I censor everything I play. Snowdog is vintage (1975) making the experience more like an adventure into a future-retro, time machine.

  • The truck makes a fantastic background for photos.  The truck is outfitted with LED lights, a superbright LED disco ball, and a laser to crank up the party vibe. There is no mistake where the party's at!

  • I brew my own bubble juice with the surgical-grade ingredients, which I also sell.

  • Snowdog doesn't require electricity for the music, freezer, or lights. I have a solar panel and a green freezer. I'm continually innovating the experience and try to change up the toys.

  • I've dj'ed in 8 countries and in a dozen US cities so I'm in tune with teens' mutable tastes and know how to have fun! I stay on top of popular music & my Bose sound system makes it sound balanced and clear.  

  • I have a commercial film production background so I know being late isn't an option

  • I love KIDS! I have one!

  • I started an arts and music organization for kids in East Timor (former Indonesia) and produced and starred in a children's TV show for 2 years, called BibiBulak (Crazy Goat). I know how to make kids laugh, even in another language:P


Parties are guaranteed for a full hour for $450 includes tax, 25 items, 15 RT miles, custom playlist, the toys and tools, & 3 gallons of my home-brewed bubble juice that is created for high or low humidity to assure the best and biggest bubbles.

Additional ice creams are $2.50. Additional miles are $1.75. 

If I don't have a party after yours and everyone is having a good time, I've been known to stay a longer. 

I prefer email, which is answered in the order I receive it.  I try to respond within 24 hours. Sometimes my inbox gets flooded at specific times of the year and robocalls so email is preferred. If you have an urgent request (within 2 days), you can text me. 

Please include your LOCATION in your inquiry and PREFERRED DATE/ARRIVAL TIME in the SUBJECT LINE. Thank you. It helps with faster scheduling.






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